Change Management

Developing smart business practices these days consists of looking objectively at what you do and making changes to suit your objectives. Most businesses especially SMB (Small Market Businesses) tend to feel that the benefits of change management are outweighed by the time and cost spent to implement. Change doesn’t have to be disruptive on your business practice. The trick to managing change is discovering opportunities that would be beneficial to develop. The method that is used is the road map of steps needed to reach those goals. This is the crucial part the outlines how and at what cost. However, the focus of this article is not project management but the benefits of discovering opportunities within your organization that can be exploited for increased revenue.

The trick is to know where to look and what to look for. Much of what you do as a business tends to center around what you offer and how much it costs to offer it. This is referred to as the cost of doing business. This is why having an accounting system tailored to your business in order properly track your financial transactions is vital. For many of my SMB clients, I need not look anyplace else. Implementing an accounting system like Simply Accounting or QuickBooks allows any organization to really see where they are financially. After a few months the data can then be analyzed revealing all kinds exploitable revenue and cost saving opportunities. For more information on our Accounting Training programs go to

Besides accounting systems, databases are another really great place to find hidden revenue. Lots of companies have databases but don’t employ defined processes for using them correctly. By leveraging the software’s features using a precise methodology, data can be entered and organized to specific criteria which allow for easier retrieval. The true power comes from knowing what you want and designing a process to record information is such a manner that retrieving, analyzing and ultimately making key business decisions becomes part of the normal everyday routine. The real beauty also lies in the fact that these processes can always be revised as the business needs grow and change.

This is just the beginning. Change is a vital and healthy part of everyday life. Psychologists will tell you that change in your life can be very stimulating and can lead to feeling refreshed even inspired. Never fear change, by taking the time to design systems that foster growth you can make decisions confidently. The opportunities for improvement will always outweigh the growing pains in the long term.


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