Building a valuable skill set

One of the hardest objectives in business can be to get everyone on the same page. The changing landscape can be an intimidating thing for some employees that fear that with change their position with the organization will diminish or disappear all together. Team mangers often find themselves with the task of building a team work ethic that also promotes self-improvement.  Many of these skills like interpersonal skills, confidence, initiative etc revolve around how you interact with your team. However many of the individual skills are measured in what you bring to the table as far as useful skills. In other words, what you know. This is why keeping your technology skills relevant is important. Technology as we all know is very important these days and organizations are always looking for some edge over their competitors. Having skilled workers that can lead the way, is one way that today’s thriving business can achieve their business goals. Companies should have initiatives for their employees to learn and adapt. The problem is that, not all organizations make this their mandate. In reaction to this, you can help protect yourself in today’s world by making it your mandate. Look at where you are and where you want to be. Discover the skills you are missing and on your own time acquire them. By keeping your skills current and by preparing yourself for the future, you will be much more prepared to adapt to the changes around you.

This is very important for all employees within your organization. In almost every case when the change happens those that are not ready to adapt are left behind. Sometimes businesses merges and the whole organization is restructured. Those with relevant skills are found to be useful and are absorbed. Those that were not willing to change are disregarded. The people who are most often dropped are the front line workers. These are the first level managers, administrative and bookkeeping staff. This list can sometimes include sales and marketing staff as well. In a lot of cases they would not have been looked over if they would have learned to do more than what is necessary.

As a trainer I run knowledge assessments all the time. You would be surprised to see how many front line workers have not learned beyond the basics of work processing, creating spreadsheets, formatting different type of documents, posting accounting transactions, updating databases, keeping calendars and schedules etc. They function at a basic to intermediate level and muddle through tasks that require an advanced level of knowledge. That is why taking the time to learn, or relearn these technologies is a very clear path to success. You must learn to function at a higher level. Learning is a clear path to success and your path to proving that your skills are relevant.


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