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A rather hot educational topic of late is Accounting and bookkeeping. I theorize that part of this trend is due in part to the fact that there are many more people going into business for themselves than ever before. These SOHO operations are popping up everywhere and they really need skilled accounting and bookkeeping professionals to help them grow and manage their business. Businesses that are growing need to have skilled workers like bookkeepers to keep the up to date and fiscally responsible. Often the employees that inherit these responsibilities are expected to learn as they work. Personally as a tutor, I receive a large percentage of business from such a scenario. They tend to have little to no accounting knowledge and need to learn a software program like QuickBooks or Simply Accounting.

As a result, I adjusted the way I teach these types of courses. The curriculum was deepened in terms of the features taught and the participants performed a series of tasks designed to promote experience with the software. This was a radical shift from teaching based on levels 1-3 or Beginner, intermediate, Advanced. The shift was about giving the student a deep experience in the shortest amount of time possible. Business owners don’t want to an employee committing to a course that takes weeks even months to finish.

Our Office Training courses which include MS Office, Accounting Basics, and MS Project cover the essential concepts needed to be successful in the workplace. participants are provided with a broad range of exercises that promote both experience and confidants. Beyond the software, skills such as critical thinking give the participant an opportunity to apply the knowledge they just learned. Applying what you learn means they develop the essential building blocks of problem solving.

There are optional assessments and projects that businesses can choose to use to gauge how well the their employees have picked up on the concepts.

If interested in our training courses, call us today at 416-550-2487 and ask for Gus.

Good luck everyone

Gus Chouli


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