How it all started:

I had a great idea one day a long time ago but I will get back to that in a moment. It started during a late night conversation with a friend that was very distraught. I realized my life was such that I always had to think on my feet, improvise as it were. This skill that I ascertained from living through turmoil and with adversity gave me this wealth of experience I could leverage. Also, I had a gained a mental toughness that made me quite resilient to the emotional impact that life threw at me. To qualify this I will have to divulge personal matter that are not really relevant; I will just say that I am not unlike anyone else, but I learned to bounce back quickly and turn those negatives into a something positive.

My friend’s problems not as hard to solve as you might have thought. Especially, compared to the stuff I endured through; I was easily able to provide sound advice that helped him through these issues. For whatever reason this kept happening. I was always the go to guy and I soon realized that without having any formal training I was good at helping others solve problems. Now it did not stop there, let’s move forward a few years and I began to work in the Project Management world. Once again I found that the problem solving skills were central to my success. Combined with the many other skills I learned in this field I had acquired through education and experience I had a full arsenal of tools that I was able to use at my command.

The PM world can be complex and involves combining sharp business skills with counselling like skills and an ability to solve problem without hesitation. My specialty was in the fast growing field of business efficiency where managing change and having to work through the resistance that accompanies these project was typical and expected. I decided that although the skill set of revamping business processes, automation and identifying and delivering customized solutions was interesting, the stress that managing large scale projects was too hard on you especially when you worked for someone else.

That is where this idea came to me. I am much more interested in doing some good in this world. Working my life away making someone else millions was no way to live. Money has never been my absolute bottom line. I was very good from experience at dealing with the human aspects to counselling and was a very positive and motivating person. I knew that I could help others that were stuck in their lives. People that felt they had impassable obstacles that they could never escape. Continuing my education I became interested in financing like Bookkeeping and Insolvency. This became my launch board. After getting a degree in Bookkeeping; I went on to become an Insolvency counsellor that specializes in helping business and individuals with debt problems. I opened a business that allowed me to do good by others.

  • Training – accounting, computer software
  • Financial services – Budgeting, Bookkeeping, Debt Counselling
  • Self Help Motivational Coaching

I hope that you find my blogs helpful.

God Bless.
Gus Chouli.


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